Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I’m Glad the Dyke March Banned Jewish Stars

This weekend, at a lesbian march in Chicago, three women carrying Jewish pride flags — rainbow flags embossed with a Star of David — were kicked out of the celebration on the grounds that their flags were a “trigger.” An organizer of the Dyke March told the Windy City Times that the fabric “made people feel unsafe” and that she and the other members of the Dyke March collective didn’t want anything “that can inadvertently or advertently express Zionism” at the event.

One of the women who was asked to leave the Dyke March, Eleanor Shoshany Anderson, nfl jerseys cheap, couldn’t understand why she was kicked out of an event that billed itself as intersectional. “The Dyke March is supposed to be intersectional,” she said. “I don’t know why my identity is excluded from that. I felt that, as a Jew, I am not welcome here.”
She isn’t. Because though intersectionality cloaks itself in the garb of humanism, it takes a Manichaean view of life in which there can only be oppressors and oppressed. To be a Jewish dyke, let alone one who deigns to support Israel, is a categorical impossibility, oppressor and oppressed in the same person.

I’m sorry for the women, like Ms. Grauer, who found themselves under genuine threat for carrying a colorful cloth falsely accused of being pernicious.

But I am also grateful.

Has there ever been a crisper expression of the consequences of “intersectionality” than a ban on Jewish lesbians from a Dyke March?

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Does Feminism Have Room for Zionists? MARCH 7, 2017

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Intersectionality is the big idea of today’s progressive left. In theory, it’s the benign notion that every form of social oppression is linked to every other social oppression. This observation — coined in 1989 by Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw — sounds like just another way of rephrasing a slogan from a poster I had in college: My liberation is bound up with yours. That is, cheap nfl hats, the fight for women’s rights is tied up with the fight for gay rights and civil rights and so forth. Who would dissent from the seductive notion of a global sisterhood?

Well, in practice, intersectionality functions as kind of caste system, in which people are judged according to how much their particular caste has suffered throughout history. Victimhood, in the intersectional way of seeing the world, is akin to sainthood; power and privilege are profane.

By that hierarchy, you might imagine that the Jewish people — enduring yet another wave of anti-Semitism here and abroad — should be registered as victims. Not quite.

Laurel Grauer, one of the women who was ejected, said she’d been carrying that Jewish pride flag in the march, held on the Saturday before the city’s official Pride Parade, Wholesale jerseys nfl, for more than a decade. It “celebrates my queer, Jewish identity,” she explained. This year, however, she lost track of the number of people who harassed her for carrying it.

Why? Largely because of Israel, the Jewish state, which today’s progressives see only as a vehicle for oppression of the Palestinians — no matter that Israel has repeatedly sought to meet Palestinian claims with peaceful compromise, and no matter that progressives hold no other country to the same standard. China may brutalize Buddhists in Tibet and Muslims in Xinjiang, while denying basic rights to the rest of its 1.3 billion citizens, but “woke” activists pushing intersectionality keep mum on all that.

That’s why the march organizers and their sympathizers are now trying to smear Ms. Grauer as some sort of right-wing provocateur. Their evidence: She works at an organization called A Wider Bridge, which connects the L.G.B.T.Q. Jewish community in America with the L.G.B.T.Q. community in Israel. The organizers are also making the spurious claim that the Jewish star is necessarily a symbol of Zionist oppression — a breathtaking claim to anyone who has ever seen a picture of a Jew forced to wear a yellow one under the Nazis.

No, the truth is that it was no more and no less than anti-Semitism. Just read Ms. Shoshany Anderson’s account of her experience, which she posted on Facebook after being kicked out of the march.

For progressive American Jews, intersectionality forces a choice: Which side of your identity do you keep, Cheap jerseys china, and which side do you discard and revile? Do you side with the oppressed or with the oppressor?

She tried to explain that the star is the “ubiquitous symbol of Judaism,” and that she simply wanted “to be Jewish in public.” Then, she “tried using their language,” explaining “this is my intersection. I’m supposed to be able to celebrate it here.”

It didn’t work. Ms. Shoshany Anderson left sobbing. “I was thrown out of Dyke March for being Jewish,” she said. Just so.
“I wanted to be in public as a gay Jew of Persian and German heritage. Nothing more, nothing less. So I made a shirt that said ‘Proud Jewish Dyke’ and hoisted a big Jewish Pride flag — a rainbow flag with a Star of David in the center, the centuries-old symbol of the Jewish people,” she wrote. “During the picnic in the park, organizers in their official t-shirts began whispering and pointing at me and soon, a delegation came over, announcing they’d been sent by the organizers. They told me my choices were to roll up my Jewish Pride flag or leave. The Star of David makes it look too much like the Israeli flag, cheap hats, they said, and it triggers people and makes them feel unsafe. This was their complaint.”

That kind of choice would have been familiar to previous generations of left-wing Jews, particularly those in Europe, who felt the tug between their ethnic heritage and their “internationalist” ideological sympathies. But this is the United States. Here, progressives are supposed to be comfortable with the idea of hyphenated identities and overlapping ethnic, sexual and political affinities. Since when did a politics that celebrates choice — and choices — devolve into a requirement of being forced to choose?

Jews on the left, particularly in recent years, have attempted to square this growing discomfort by becoming more anti-Israel. But if history has taught the Jews anything it’s that this kind of contortion never ends well.
It may be wrong to read too much into an ugly incident at a single march, but Jews should take what happened in Chicago as a lesson that they might not be as welcome among progressives as they might imagine. That’s a warning for which to be grateful, Cheap nfl jerseys, even as it is a reminder that anti-Semitism remains as much a problem on the far-left as it is on the alt-right.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ode to Joy

This is a TV series Ode to joy is talking about friendship, life, romance and youth which are two seasons, cheap hats,one was in 2016 and the second season is in this year.
Five women live on the 22 floor of the same apartment; Different in personalities they each have their own struggles in their career,  family and love life. As they get to know each other and Journey through the struggles of living in Shanghai, they each undergo a transformation.
“Ode to Joy” was certainly my most anticipated drama of the year and for good reasons, I will briefly explain why, First and foremost because I have total trust in the production team and actors and well when I read what it would be about I was filled with too much happiness, it was sisterhood and a friendship filled with so much love, respect, funny and cute moments. And I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of Chinese Modem Dramas but now I can definitely say, this one is the best I’ve seen and among my favorite dramas right now.
Of course what made this drama such a wonderful and unique journey is the friendship between all of them, how they all get to know, accept, respect and love each other, it was simply beautiful and magical to see, everything feels so genuine, it’s like they’ve known each other since a very long time and were able to confide in one another, joke and do lot of amusing activities together like true friends would do and yeah it did take a little bit of time for at least two of them to open up more and accept the other girls however in the end they were themselves when together all 5 of them.
Friendship is definitely not what this drama is all about, Cheap jerseysI really have too much love this drama that will be hard to explain with words but anyway I’ll try to convey my thoughts and affection for Ode to Joy without being too subjective, They do really have their own qualities and flaws and that’s what make them humane and alive.
Of course I know if I start talking about all of them it will take me hours so I’ll try make it as short as possible and go straight to the point. It was overall a very great drama as I said above and I just can’t wait for the next seasons to see my girls again”0”. Very recommended as it will definitely bring you lot of smiles laughter and food for thoughts as well.

Spend minutes ask myself

 I found recently I can’t express myself in English exactly . There are a lot of thoughts can’t tell directly in English style , cheap nfl hats, Perhaps there stay the differences In culture , however, the main reason is that My English is not enough to help me serve the communication.
     All the words I wrote sounds like Chinese English . Even though , I pursue myself to insist it on and do hope I can appreciate my words some day . I always write something while nobodywas watching . I fear the question that how high level your English . I can’t tell and it is shy for me to talk about this issue .even sometimes I sneer me on this , what caused the situation that I spent a lot of time on English learning but be nervous still when I have the chance to communicate in English , even now I can’t express myself rightly . I always focus on learning but didn’t get the senior development which bored me much .
     This morning I have had less to do and have time to do the communication with myself in heart . Actually speaking , nfl jerseys cheapI have talent on music and Chinese writing but I did not spend much time on studying them and also didn’t get the improvement . Perhaps it is the reason why I am learning English sometimes but didn’t make the great progress .

Monday, May 22, 2017

Lillard responds to the data

The NBA playoffs continue on May 23, 2016, with the following:
Lillard responds to the data
This year's playoffs, the trail blazers swept by the warriors, the fox sports basketball commentator broussard, in a show when it comes to Paul George said, "Paul George, if you went to the lakers, you can't win, you may have become a star, you may become damian - Conrad." "We have to talk about it," he tweeted. But some netizens are very much in favor of broussard, and query, vladimir, "he said is wrong? You data but also in the brush, just because you are in a state of western partitions, so not so obvious." Radmanovic shouted back: "brush = losing + data is very beautiful, play = every season into the playoffs + data shows that it is important to you. I'm curious, cheap nfl fitted hatswhy my name will be an example... I well into the playoffs every year."
He was aggressive
The SAN Antonio spurs star Leonard injury absence the western conference finals, 39, manu ginobili, in game 3, substitute 18 minutes, made seven of nine and scored a team-high 21 points, 1 and 2 assists steals. "Always see manu play aggressive great things, he is the heart of the team, he will hit the competitive advantage, he is desperate, like there's no tomorrow, so I'm always respected manu, we fight too many times, whether in the NBA or in the international arena, so far this season, fought with him is a privilege, we'll see how to proceed in the future." The spurs' pau gasol said of ginobili. "He's a great NBA player, with a great career, still played a high level, including 20 points in the conference finals, can do this at this age is a great thing, this is the manu, he has always been like this."
Simmons says never give up
Today's western conference finals, cheap nfl snapback hatsthe SAN Antonio spurs are 3-0 in the NBA finals, and today the two teams will play in game 4 of the series. Jonathan - simmons said, "big challenge, we will accept the challenge, we will regroup, ready for the match, we will not give up." Simmons in a lot of playing time in the recent two series, when it comes to your growth: "I think my registration when they play well, I'm looking forward to our future. I think we will play better as a whole, they can play together very well, many of them played together for a long time, we want to make some more whole, let them appear some holes on the defensive end." Simmons also praised the veteran ginobili's excellent performance, "he is very hard, he love this team, he loves basketball. He's played hard, you can see every night, even if he is so big now, you will also do our best."

Leonard created the age of the spurs robot

On May 23, 2017, the spurs went on to play the warriors, while Leonard continued to miss his fourth game, while the spurs lost 115-129 to the warriors. Throughout the playoffs go against Leonard's performance can only be used to describe, cheap ncaa jerseysthe SAN Antonio spurs young leaders in the last season played the best year career, and in the playoffs, Leonard before injury is the performance of the robot.
Leonard, who became the first in the history of continuous was the best defensive player and continuous in a post player, before the injured throughout the playoffs, Leonard have created their own best playoff data, can averaging 27.7 points and 7.8 rebounds, 4.6 assists, 1.6 steals shot 52%, 3 is as high as 45.5%, once a record of his free throws in the first few games are not missed, the playoffs is as high as 93.1%, cheap soccer jerseyssays Leonard is a war machine of the new era, a little too much.
In the first series with the grizzlies, Leonard almost killed the dead grizzlies. In the first match and grizzlies, Leonard three is tied his playoff career scoring record, and the second game Leonard finish with 14 in 9, with 37 points, 11 rebounds and crazy 19 of 19, 5 playoff record, in which he has set a new personal playoff scoring record, penalty and punishment record number, and the performance of the two consecutive 30 + Leonard playoff career consecutive scoring record, but two games in a row, Leonard 28 shots hit 69 points unexpectedly also is his career record the efficiency of the two games in a row.
In the rockets series, cheap MLB HatsLeonard began to suffer from some injuries but still dominated the series. Face harden, led the rockets, Leonard is still a big kill, semi-final second, Leonard 8 assists scored 34 points and 7 rebounds, eight assists record career playoff game assists, and eventually the spurs to a 121-96 victory over the Houston rockets, Leonard, playing time, foul shots, assists, steals, score and positive and negative value, seven data the first team. In the battle of tianwang mountain, Leonard was dragged down by 22 points, 15 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals before he left. Leonard's injuries reflected his toughness and toughness.
If not Leonard was injured, so the spurs are swept aside, men can cross the SAN Antonio spurs this level remains to be seen, in the west should first game Leonard spurs ahead even before injury for 23 points, whether green or Kevin durant, they could not stop Leonard's impact and shooting. He is more mature in every aspect of this year, and on the defensive he is also the spurs' most trusted strength. In order to protect Leonard, popovich ultimately decided not to want Leonard's future this year, opting for a complete recovery. Leonard, cheap nba hatswho is already the MVP of the season, will surely win his first MVP in the age of robotics, as long as he continues to improve.

Team basketball doesn't have a superstar

The NBA playoffs continued, with the SAN Antonio spurs still home to four sweeps in game 4 of the western conference finals. The spurs had no tantrums in the first three games after the first Leonard injury, cheap nba jerseysand all three went out of their trash.
No Leonard bobo is a no-no
(although it doesn't make any difference to keep up with the picture, it's a new picture of G4.)
Leonard's injury was the biggest turning point in the series, with the spurs leading by 23 points before he left the game. While it's not clear that the spurs have an edge over the warriors, at least it's a sign of the spurs' battle formation and the warriors. Not to be swept by the warriors. Aldridge, on the other hand, scored 28 points for the first time, thanks to Leonard's offensive. But in Leonard's injury, aldridge scored eight points, 18 points and eight points in three games.
In fact, for many years the spurs' overall basketball for the league, but also before, more time under the condition of the whole does not open, nfl jerseys cheapthe spurs can always reflect star moment: Tim Duncan, Tony parker have win over its rivals, not to mention repeatedly rescue manu ginobili. Third, 39, ginobili still can be in 19 minutes scored 21 points, following a shining moment of before, but this season is often a person to match performance of Leonard's gone, lamarcus aldridge couldn't competent for the role.
Team to rely on star, the star also need team assistant, SAN Antonio is the supplement each other to do the best, perhaps in pure talent point of view, the spurs they find it hard to get good record for years the higher-positioned young people, but can activate players, to show their potential. To beat the rockets illustrates the spurs in the protracted war to fight, but face the golden state warriors, the strength of pure rolling when the only star fell, they have no ability to compete.
For aldridge, this is an awkward way to end the series. He doesn't seem to be talking about the top stars, cheap nhl jerseysand where does he go with four years and 84 million dollars? Taking the gun from Duncan, he was a long way off.

Dechai looked forward to harrell G5

According to SAN Antonio express, rocket coach d 'antoni says he hopes harrell will be able to stand up in game 5. And harden said they would pray for beverley 1000%.
Harrell and Anderson
Beverley was out of training today, and d 'antoni said that black bay would still be in the fifth battle of tomorrow's series. Beverly's grandfather died yesterday, so today he goes back to his hometown in Chicago. "I told beverley we had a lot to think about and worry about, cheap nfl jerseysbut he wasn't one of my fears." "He'll be ready. He'll play."
At the beginning of the message that grandfather died, Beverly is very sad, he was just want to fly back to Chicago, but under the persuasion of family members, he still stayed in Houston, and the fourth game in the series. "I was a strong man, but I couldn't believe it, and my grandfather's departure made me feel terrible." Beverly said.
In yesterday's game, when beverley broke the rocket's deadlock with a three-point break, he patted the heart and pointed to the sky. In the end, beverley had 10 points, six assists and four rebounds, helping the rockets win the series with a 125-104 victory over the spurs, which led the series to 2-2.
"We will be 1000% of praying for him," harden said, "now he and his family, so I hope when he came back later, can try to sort out your emotions, ready for game 5. However, Cheap wholesale jerseyswe will give him some time, let him and his family."
In addition to beverley's difficulties, the rockets face a dilemma: the backup center's internal injuries have been reimbursed. With the absence of the inside, this means that the role of the second-year harrell will increase. "Everyone else has to step up," Mr. DE Anthony said.
Other people, including harrell, are the other people. In the spurs series, harrell averaged 1.3 points and one rebounds in 4.6 minutes. "In some games this season, he changed things. So I want to see him improve his performance and see what he can do." Gordon said.
Interestingly, there is no suspense in every game of the series, averaging 21 points in the first four games. "I experienced such series, both teams full of good players, some race at night is this way, and then the next game is another way." "Gasol said.
Although gasol was not surprised, the blowout of the series still surprised Gordon. "It's crazy," Gordon said, "I have never seen such a series. cheap mlb jerseysWhen the game speed slow down, the situation to them. When you play fast, it will help us."